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PA.A7089,0500 DNA-ExitusPlus ™ 500ML 

PA.A7089,0100 DNA-ExitusPlus ™ 100ML 

PA.A4392,0001 Proteinase K solution 1ML 

PA.A4392,0005 Proteinase K solution 5ML 

PA.A5231,0200 SuperHotTaq Dna Polymerase 200U 

PA.A3144,0010 Loading Buffer DNA I 10ML 

PA.A5207,0005 DNA Ladder 1 kb 50UG 

PA.A5191,0025 DNA Ladder 100 bp plus 250UG 

PA.A9555,1000 DNA-Dye NonTox 1ML 

PA.A2114,0100 Agarose low EEO (Agarose Standard) 100G 

PA.A4051,0100 TRItidy G™ 100ML 

PA.A6588,0050 Albumin (BSA) Fraction V 50G 

PA.A1148,0025 TEMED 25ML 

PA.A0830,0500 Nonfat dried milk powder 500G 

PA.A2941,0100 APS / Ammonium persulphate 100G 

PA.A3672,0100 Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) Cell culture grade 100ML 

PA.A3744,0020 PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit 20 tests 

PA.A8943,0100 Penicillin - Streptomycin (100X) for cell culture 100ML 

PA.A3668,0050 DTT solution 1 mol/l for molecular biology 50ML 

PA.A7398,0500 Water Molecular biology grade 500ML 

PA.A3724,0250 HEPES for molecular biology 250G 

PA.A9177,0100 PBS tablets pH 7.4 (for 200 ml) 100 tabs 

PA.A2940,1000 Boric Acid for molecular biology 1KG 

PA.A3945,1000 TBE buffer (10X) for molecular biology 1L 

PA.A4686,1000 TAE buffer (50X) for molecular biology 1L 

PA.A0386,1000 TE buffer (1X) pH 8.0 for molecular biology 1L 

PA.A2263,0100 SDS for molecular biology 100MG 

PA.A3842,0010 Toluidine Blue O 10G 

PA.A2264,0500 Tris for molecular biology 500G 

PA.A4577,0500 Tris Buffer pH 8.0 (1 M) for molecular biology 500ML 

PA.A3724,0250 HEPES for molecular biology 250G 

PA.A5097,0500 EDTA for molecular biology 500G 

PA.A5084,0500 Folin Ciolacteu's Reagent 500ML 

PA.A9780,0500 Tergitol (Triton X-100 Replacement) 500ML 

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